DELL 02DK1 2TB 7200 3.5" SAS SED 6GBPS hard drive ST2000NM0041

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DELL 02DK1 2TB 7200 3.5" SAS SED 6GBPS hard drive ST2000NM0041

Dell Part Number: 02DK1

Capacity: 2TB

Form Factor: 3.5", LFF

Interface: SAS, Serial Attached SCSI

Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM

Transfer Speed: 6GBPS

Compatible Poweredge Servers:

Poweredge T20

Poweredge T110

Poweredge T300

Poweredge T310

Poweredge T320

Poweredge T330

Poweredge T410

Poweredge T420

Poweredge T430

Poweredge T620

Poweredge T630

Poweredge T710 

Poweredge R220

Poweredge R230

Poweredge R300

Poweredge R310

Poweredge R320

Poweredge R330

Poweredge R410

Poweredge R415

Poweredge R420

Poweredge R430

Poweredge R510

Poweredge R520

Poweredge R530

Poweredge R530XD 

Poweredge R630,

Poweredge R710

Poweredge R715

Poweredge R720

Poweredge R720XD

Poweredge R730X

Poweredge R730

Poweredge R900

Poweredge R905

Poweredge R920

Poweredge R930

Compatible Powervaults:

Powervault MD1000

Powervault MD1120

Powervault MD1200

Powervault MD1220

Powervault MD3000I

Powervault  MD3200

Powervault  MD3200I

Powervault MD3220

Powervault MD3220I

Powervault MD3400

Powervault MD3420

Powervault MD3460

Powervault MD3600I


The 02DK1 drive has been tested and wiped to DOD standards.


Warranty 6 months.


Call 952-831-1032 with any questions.