Dell 1.2TB SAS 10K 6GBPS 2.5" Hard drive

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Dell 1.2TB SAS 10K 2.5" Hard drive

Capacity: 1.2TB

RPM: 10,000

Transfer Speed: 6GBPS

Size: 2.5"

Warranty: 1 Year



Approximate storage capacity using 1.2TB drives with different types of Raid.
  Raid 1 Raid 5 Raid 5E Raid 6 Raid 10
  (Mirrored) Parity Parity and spare Double Parity Mirror + Stripe
2 Drives 1.2TB NA NA NA NA
3 Drives NA 2.4TB NA NA NA
4 Drives NA 3.6TB 2.4TB 2.4TB 2.4TB
5 Drives NA 4.8TB 3.6TB 3.6TB NA
6 Drives  NA 6TB 4.8TB 4.8TB 3.6TB
7 Drives NA 7.2TB 6TB 6TB NA
8 Drives NA 8.4TB 7.2TB 7.2TB 4.8TB
9 Drives NA 9.6TB 8.4TB 8.4TB NA
10 Drives NA 10.8TB 9.6TB 9.6TB 6TB
11 Drives NA 12TB 10.8TB 10.8TB NA
12 Drives NA 13.2TB 12TB 12TB 7.2TB
13 Drives NA 14.4TB 13.2TB 13.2TB NA
14 Drives NA 15.6TB 14.4TB 14.4TB 8.4TB
15 Drives NA 16.8TB 15.6TB 15.6TB NA
16 Drives NA 18TB 16.8TB 16.8TB 9.6TB

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