Dell 19HJ4 500GB SATA 7200RPM 3.5" 3gbps

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Description: Dell 19HJ4 500GB SATA 7200RPM 3.5" 3gbps    

Part Number: 19HJ4  

Manufacturer: Dell    

Free Fed Ex/USPS Shipping on 19HJ4. The 19HJ4 is tested by our inhouse Technicians. The Dell 19HJ4 500GB SATA 7200RPM 3.5" 3gbps comes with a 1 Year warranty. If you have any question on the 19HJ4 please call 952-831-1032 between 7AM-5PM central standard time.

The replacement Dell 19HJ4 SATA drive allows you to add another 500GB to your Dell Poweredge server, if you are adding it as an additional SATA hard drive. If replacing a 500GB LFF you will want to make sure you are replacing with a drive with the same specifications as your current drive or a larger drive. If you are installing a larger drive in an array it will read as the size of the current drives of the array. If the rotational speed or transfer speed is less on the replacement drive the whole array will slow down to the speeds of the replacement drive. The majority of Poweredge servers come with either a 2.5” Chassis or 3.5” Chassis you will want to make sure this 500GB SATA 3.5 will be the right physical size drive for your Dell Poweredge server.

The used Dell 19HJ4 is a Hitachi 0F18775. This Hitachi drive was originally selected by Dell as one of the Hitachi models of drives that was up to the reliability and quality Dell demands out of the parts they will put their part number on.

This Dell drive has a rotational speed of 7200 and transfers data at a speed of 3GBs. The drives physical size is 3.5. The interface of this used Dell drive is SATA and has a total capacity of 500GB

If you have any questions on Dell hard drives please call us at 952-831-1032.