Power Supplies

Refurbished Dell Poweredge R630 Power Supplies come in three wattages.

The power supplies come in 495W, 750W, and 1100W. All the wattages are a Platinum power supply. The Dell Poweredge R630 750W power supply has a Titanium model as well. If you are buying a replacement refurbished power supply or a spare power supply you will want to make sure you are matching the existing power supply wattage. The Dell Poweredge R630 holds two power supplies sp you can replace both power supplies to change the wattage of your server. If you are getting a power error you have probably exceeded the maximum wattage for your configuration.

These are the different Dell Poweredge R630 Power Supplies:

  • 1100W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)
  • 750W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)
  • 750W AC, 86 mm (Titanium)
  • 495W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)

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