Dell Poweredge Servers

TC Systems offers several generations of Dell Poweredge Tower Servers, Rack Servers, Blade Servers, and Poweredge VRTX Servers. We carry Intel Xeon 1 Socket Servers, 2 Socket Servers, and 4 Socket Servers. These servers work great in a small to medium size businesses along with Data Centers We have all the parts and components on hand to custom build your Dell/EMC PowerEdge server.  All of our Dell servers are covered with a TC Systems warranty for a period 3 years.

Some of the popular Dell PowerEdge servers we carry include the R710, R610, R620, R720, R630, R730, T320, T420, T620 servers.  We are also known to have the highest quality and most affordable prices when it comes to Dell Poweredge servers.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our Dell/EMC Powerdge servers please give us a call at (952) 831-1032.