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PC3 and PC3L 10600R Dimms (RAM) are DDR3-1333Mt/s Registered ECC Dimms. The difference between PC3 and PC3L is the voltage. PC3 is 1.5V and PC3L is 1.35V. If you have a system that requires PC3L you can only use PC3L memory. If it states PC3 memory you can use PC3 or PC3L. Systems below all use DDR3 RAM. Some do have a maximum dimm capacity and can not use the largest size dimms. The use of quad rank dimms can disable a portion of dimm slots. If you have any questions on your systems memory configuration call us at 952-831-1032.

Compatible HP Proliant Servers: BL420c G8 (Gen8), BL460 G8 (Gen8), BL660c G8 (Gen8), DL160 G8 (Gen8), DL360e G8 (Gen8), DL360p (G8/SE), DL380e G8 (Gen8), DL380p G8 (Gen8), DL560 G8 (Gen8), ML350e G8 (Gen8), ML350p G8 (Gen8), SL230s G8 (Gen8), SL250s G8 (Gen8) SL270s G8 (Gen8), SL4540 G8 (Gen8), WS460c G8 (Gen8)

Compatible Dell PowerEdge Servers: C2100, C6105, C6145, C6220, M420, M52,0 M610, M610x, M620, M710, M710HD, M820, M915, R410, R415, R420, R510, R515, R520, R610, R620, R710, R720, R720HD, R720xd, R810, R820, R910, T110 II, T320, T410, T420, T610, T620, T710