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Poweredge T710 Raid Controllers

The Dell Poweredge T710 server can use software or hardware to setup the internal raid. The internal hardware raid controller models are PERC H200 (6Gb/s), PERC H700 (6Gb/s) with 512MB battery-backed cache; 512MB, 1GB non-volatile battery-backed cache, SAS 6/iR, PERC 6/i with 256MB battery-backed cache. The external RAID HBA model is PERC H800 (6Gb/s) with 512MB of battery-backed cache; 512MB, 1GB von-volatile battery-backed cache, SAS 6/iR, PERC 6/E with 256MB or 512MB of battery-backed cache and the external non raid HBA is 6Gbps SAS HBA, SAS 5/E HBA, LSI2032 PCIe SCSI HBA.

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