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DDR4 Memory for Servers and Workstations

The DDR4 SDRAM memory is used in many of the Dell Poweredge 13th generation and 14th generation servers, the HPE Proliant G9 and G10 lines, Cisco UCS line of M4 and M5 Servers, and Lenovo M5 lines.

The term DDR4 is an abbreviation for Double Data Rate 4 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. DDR4 memory is not compatible with earlier versions of DDR memory such as DDR3 and DDR2. The main benefits of DDR4 memory is the higher module density and lower voltage use. DDR4 uses 1.2V compared to 1.5V for DDR3. The DDR4 dimm is 288 pins compared to 240 pins in the DDR3 dimms. The dimm is a little larger height and width wise compared to the DDR3 but  still fits in the 5.25" dimm slot. One of the new features of the DDR4 is the edge connection is slightly curved to allow installation with using less force.

Transfer rates of DDR4 memory are 1600, 1866, 2133, 2400, 2666, 2933, 3200. There are different letters after the transfer rate which indicates it's CAS Latency. CAS Latenecy is the clock cycles between sending a column address to the memory and the beginning of the data response.

Compatible servers:

Dell Poweredge servers:

Dell Rackmountable Servers: R330, R340, R430, R440, R530, R540, R630, R640, R730, R730XD, R740, R740XD, R740XD2, R830, R840 R930, R940, R940Xa

Dell Tower Servers: T130, T140, T330, T340, T430, T440, T630, T640

Modular Blade Servers: FC430, FC630, FC640, FC830, FD332, FM120, M630, M640, MX740C, MX840C, M830

HPE Proliant Servers:

HPE Rackmountable Servers: DL120 G9(Gen9), DL120 G10(Gen10), DL160 G9(Gen9), DL160 G10(Gen10), DL180 G9 (Gen9),DL180 G10(Gen10), DL360 G9 (Gen9), DL360 G10(Gen10), DL380 G9 (Gen9), DL380 G10(Gen10), DL560 G9 (Gen9), DL560 G10(Gen10), DL580 G9 (Gen9), DL580 G10(Gen10)

HPE Tower Servers: ML150 G9 (Gen9), ML350 G0 (Gen9), ML350 G10(Gen10)

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