Dell Poweredge R440 Parts Reference Guide

Dell Parts numbers, options, and upgrade part numbers for the Dell Poweredge R440 Server.

Poweredge R440 Backplane          

TDM6T  4x 3.5 SAS Backplane

Poweredge R440 Bezel    

9MTRW Front Bezel

521RX Front Bezel

D0P0X Front Bezel

Poweredge R440 Cables    

R0N0X Intrusion Detection Cable

GPPHP S140 Raid Cable(Backplane to System Board)

8DNYR 10 Bay VGA Motherboard Cable

MRGPF 10 Bay VGA Motherboard Cable

Poweredge R440 Fan        


1K48T Fan

Poweredge R440 Hard Drive Tray

DXD9H 2.5" Hard Drive Tray

X7K8W 3.5" Hard Drive Tray

RJ8J9 2.5" Hard Drive Bay Blank(Not a tray)

F3F7V 2.5" Hard Drive Bay Blank(Not a tray)

Poweredge R440 Heatsink             

994RT Heatsink For CPU1 Only

MRWK9 Heatsink For CPU1 Only

1CW2J Heatsink For CPU2 Only

Poweredge R440 Other   

0YFM0 PCI Metal Riser Blank(Not a Riser Card)

YC9VP Power Supply Bay Blank(Cover)

1NV2N Power Distribution Unit

XPDVP Plastic CPU Heatsink Holder

H3YHD 8 BAY USB 2.0 Blank Filler

Poweredge R440 Raid Cable          

VK8W4 PERC H730 H740 PCI Raid Cable

8YMGD H730P H740P PCI Raid Cable(R440 4 aby System)

Poweredge R440 Raid Controller 


H132V PERC H730P/2GB 12G PCI

Poweredge R440 Rail        

2J1CF Cable Management Arm

CWJ0X 4 Post Sliding Rails

81WCD 4 Post Sliding Rails

9RFVV 4 Post Sliding Rails

6RTCR 4 Post Sliding Rails

Poweredge R440 SD Card

RT6GJ Dual SD Card Reader

5507H Dual SD Card Reader

RT6JG Dual Micro SD Card Reader

Poweredge R440 System Board   

8CYF7 System Board(Motherboard)

4JN2K System Board(Motherboard)

6XDD1 System Board(Motherboard)

WKGTH System Board(Motherboard)

Poweredge R440 Trusted Platform Module            

CMD3M 1.2 TPM(Trusted Platform Module)


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