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Buying Spare and Replacement Server Parts

Buying replacement and spare Dell Poweredge and HPE and HP parts can keep you being able to utilize your technology investments for a long time, All our parts have been tested and removed from a server by our technicians.

When buying used parts wether they are Dell, HP, HPE, Intel, SuperMicro, or Cisco there are a few things to go by.

  • Alway replace using a genuine part from the manufacturer of the server
  • When possible replace with the exact part number as is on the old part. This will most likely prevent any compatibility issues. 
  • If not possible to replace with the exact part number make sure the description is for the server model and the description matches your item. 

For replacement Dell and HP backplanes it is not critical to get the same part number. You do need to make sure that it is for the same model server that you are using. The other thing to make sure is that it has the same number of slots as your current hard drive backplane and uses the same type of physical drives such as small form factor(SFF)(2.5"), Large From Factor(LFF)(3.5").

Replacement Dell and HP system boards we recommend buying the exact part number. There are different versions of systems boards so sometimes can give you a compatibility issue. If you are unable to find the exact part number buy a newer version of the systems board. If you have a V2 board and can't find the exact go with a V3. It is more likely to work without issues than going with a V1.

Replacing an Intel processor there are a few things to keep in mind. If it is a single processor machine buy in the same Intel series of processors. If you are adding a processor it needs to match the current processor in series and stepping code.

Replacing a Dell or HP power supply you will want to replace with the same wattage power supply you are currently using. If the power supplies are redundant power supplies the wattages need to match. The part number is not as important for power supplies as long as it is for the same model server. If you are getting a power supply error code after doing an upgrade you may want to try the next wattage up if you are not at the top wattage output for your particular server.

Replacing a Dell or HP Hard Drive the specs need to match or be better than the current drives. If the same size drive is not available you can go larger on the replacement drive and an array will be able to see it as the size of the other drives in the array.  It will be seen as the size of the other drives. For the rotational speed or transfer speed the array will operate at the level of the slowest drive in the array. It is always best to match the part number to be absolute sure of compatibility but we have not had many issues with matching specifications of drives. It was more of an issue in the SCSI interface days when some manufacturers would make 18.4GB and others would make 18.2GB drives. All the drives were known as 18GB but if you put a 18.2GB drive in an array that was built with 18.4GB it would cause problems. For the most part this is not an issue anymore. You will always want to replace the drive with the same interface such as SAS, SATA, NL SAS. Call with any questions.

Replacing Dell or HP Memory(RAM) we recommend replacing with exact part number, especially if you are replacing in a memory bank with existing memory installed. RAM seems to have more compatibility issues then other parts when installing a different manufacturer dimm in to a bank of memory with different manufacturers. If you can't find the exact same part number match the specs and try to match manufacturer.