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Poweredge T430 Power Supplies

The Dell Poweredge T430 can hold up to 2 power supplies. The spare power supplies come in 450w cabled power supply and 495W, 750W, and 1100W redundant power supplies options. Make sure if you are replacing or adding an additional redundant power supply that it matches the wattage of the current power supply installed. Always replace with a genuine Dell power supply specifically engineered for the Dell Poweredge T430. If you are receiving the error message Dell Poweredge T430 power required exceeds PSU wattage you should look at installing the largest wattage power supplies. If you are currently using the largest wattage Poweredge T430 power supply you will want to try replacing them. One of the power supplies could be causing the Poweredge T430 to have a wattage error.

If we are not showing stock contact us at 952-831-1032 as we most likely have in servers that we can pull the power supply from.