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Dell Poweredge T410 Server Details

Dell Poweredge T410 Details (Specifications)

Form factor


Rackmount option kit available

Build to order Poweredge T410 Server

Processors Intel Xeon processor

Intel Quad-core or six-core

Intel Xeon 5500 & 5600 series

Qty 2 Processor Sockets

Poweredge T410 Processor Upgrades


8 DIMM Slots

Up to 128GB



Poweredge T410 Memory(RAM)

I/O Slots

4 PCIe x 8 (x4 routing)

1 PCIe x 16 (x8 routing)

Poweredge T410 Backplanes

Raid Controller

Internal Controller - PERC H200 (6Gbps), PERC H700 (6Gbps) with 512MB battery cache, SAS 6/iR, PERC 6/i with 256MB battery backed cache, PERC S100 & S300 (software based)

Raid External Controller – PERC H800 (6Gbps) with 512MB of battery-backed cache

Non-Raid External Controller – 6Gbps SAS HBA, SAS 5/E HBA, LSI2032 PCIe SCSI HBA

Poweredge T410 Raid Controllers

Hard Drive

Up to qty 6) 3.5” Large form Factor (LFF) Cabled Hard drives

Up to qty 6) 2.5” Small Form Factor (SFF) Hot Swap drives

Up to qty 6) 3.5” Large form Factor (LFF) Hot Swap drives

Poweredge T410 Backplanes

Hard drive options

SATA 3.5” (7.2K RPM): 160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1000GB, 2.0TB

Near Line SAS 3.5” (7.2K RPM): 500GB, 750GB, 1000GB

Near Line SAS 2.5” (7.2K RPM): 1TB

SAS 3.5”: 146GB (15K RPM), 300GB (15K RPM), 450GB (15K RPM), 600GB (10K RPM), 2TB (7.2K RPM)

SAS 2.5” (10K RPM): 73GB, 146GB, 300GB

SATA 2.5” SSD: 25GB, 50GB, 100GB

Poweredge T410 Hard Drives

Embedded NIC (Network Interface Card)

Broadcom 5716 dual port

Intel Gigabit ET Dual or Quad port server adapter

Intel 1GbE Nic – Single or Double or Quad

Broadcom Dual Port 1 Gbe NIC

Power Supply Options

Non-Redundant – 525Watt (80+) power supply

Redundant - 580Watt (80+ gold) power supply

Poweredge T410 Power Supplies

Remote Management Options

Basic Management

iDrac6 Enterprise

iDrac6 Express